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If it's a manual seat mechanism, search for the lever/latch that releases the seat on its track. If power seat, check the fuse for that circuit and work from there.

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no it will most likely be a blocked drain pipe that goes into the engine bay from the A/C and drains the condensation created by your car's air conditioner. A mechanic workshop can do a blast of compressed air by your mechanic and free the blockage takes about 30 seconds to do with a car hoist.
If it is humid conditions the problem will be much more and you might find the front demister won't work due to water sitting on top of the Air conditioner. It will heat this water and blow steam on your window.

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Yes you need 16 plugs. You will need a good selection of different length 3/8" extensions, as well as a good plug socket with the rubber inside to grip the plug connector.
You should also invest in a rubber plug installer tool (they are about 6" long and will pop over the terminal of the plug and can be used as a handle to make installation easier)
These things are a pain to change, but it can be done without removing anything major. I use an old quilt over the engine so I can lay over the top to make reaching things easier. Have fun, good luck.

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Be sure the blend door is not stuck before replacing the blend door actuator. Otherwise the actuators will continue to strip out.

Here is a calibration procedure I found that may/may not be useful:
Door calibration function for MTC system per Chrysler service manual.

1.Turn the ignition to the ON position.
2.Turn the blower motor control to the OFF position.
3.Press and hold the EBL "rear window defrost" switch down and turn the blower motor control on. Continue to hold the EBL switch down until the EBL status indicator begins flashing, then release the mode switch. While the test / function is running the EBL status indicator will flash once per second. If the test / function passes, the EBL status indicator will stop flashing. If the test / function fails, the A/C and EBL status indicators will flash alternately.

While the test is doing it's thing you will hear the doors open and close as it calibrates the system.

manual HVAC motor calibration

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A dtc does not say to relace a part untill diagnostic procedure for said code is preformed . Do you know what a diagnostic trouble chart is ? Factory service repair info. is best .

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i think your assumption is correct. the fan should be stiff to turn by hand when the engine is hot. if it spins freely the clutch is bad. usually oil has leaked out of it.

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disconnect any wires going into the door
undo the door hinge bolts ( have a friend hold the door while you do this
have him hold the new door in place while you refit the bolts to the hinges
adjust the hinges under the bolts jut fitted until the door locks easily in place
reconnect the wires
Job time --1/2 hour

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incorrect about the insulation
it will most likely be the climate control module that has failed and needs replacing as what the dealer has stated

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( ! ) if it looks like this it is tire pressure sensor
these are the dash lights2013-jeep-grand-cherokee-owners-manual-courtesy-of-the-jeep-store-9-638.jpg?cb=1406553077

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pull the switch out use meter to see if you have 12 volts if so try to use a jumper wire on the switch if this works replace switch take switch to electric shop before going to dealer

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When was the last time you checked the transmission fluid level? It might be that time now.

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Hey Anon, Is this a total electronic key,,(push button start)..if so, its an electrical issue. If its a standard key urn ignition. try some DRY graphite on the key.. it will lubricate the switch without the mess of liquids... put the key in and out several times, put some more dry graphite on the key and repeat.. give this some time to work,, if this does not improve the switch.. its time for a new switch assy,

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maybe you need to clean the battery connections if you think the batterys good.

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Check your fuse box to make sure all fuses are getting current. This sounds like a couple of problems. Start by eliminating one item at a time.

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2006 Jeep Commander 5.7L Hemi, Owner and car-mechanic here...I do not know what engine you've got. But the have Hydraulically-Operated cooling fans on them, run off of the Power Steering system. Mine does not like traffic or idling, she runs cooler at 70-80MPH! You have fan, fan solenoid, and hydraulic lines to the fan.

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car drives perfectly, as do all other electrics?
fuses good
scan it is next.
can fix 2005+ GC lacking tools, like this.
the book is free.
read that yet?
RTM ,.read first how it works,,, its not like you think,,,?

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thermostat is bad probably, not sure if the xk has a built in obd or not but turn the key on and off (almost till starting) 3 times called the key dance should spit a code on your led readout below spedo

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