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Power supply problem, the power that you have to the radio is picking up noise from the ECM..The power for it needs to be relocated, and you also need a better ground,It as though the filter capacitor is not worning

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I'm not 100% sure on Jags, but on a domestic vehicle you have to clear the code with a scan tool. You should be able to call any Jaguar service center and get a quick answer.

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The car might be stucked in Valet mode. Use the black key that you have to open the trunk, it overrides the Valet Mode. The key goes in a hole that is between the X and the K on the emblem on the rear of the car.

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The valet button is to the right of the steering column and is quite a large button and has the words 'VALET' clearly written on it. I think it allows you to lock valuables in the glove box but allow a Valet or Service engineer to drive the car - they will not be able to get into the glove box. I sdon't have the XK8 owner's handbook, and so I am guessing about the function of the Valet button, but that is what a similar device does on my Merc.

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Before you dig too deep into your purse check the oil pressure switch itself.

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This problem is often caused by poor solder joints inside the radio on the circuit board that powers the display lights, so the beat hing to do is remove the radio and send it out for repair, that way they can do any upgrades that have come out since the car was built as well. To remove the radio follow these instructions. There are many places that do Jag radios, just google it for specific companies.

To remove the radio:

Remove the ashtray by raising the armrest cover and removing the two screws at the rear of the ashtray. Slide the ashtray back and then lift it out. Be careful of the two front tabs, as you don't want to break them.

Reach below the wood console, where the ashtray front tabs were inserted. Loosen and remove the two wing nuts.

With a small, long flat bladed screwdriver, pry out the leather shifter surround. The leather shifter surround has a center chrome retaining ring, the leather surround, and then finally a black plastic surround. The chrome retaining ring has 3-4 tabs which are locked in below the leather surround. It depends on the year of the Jaguar. Probably the 95 has three, but maybe four. They should be at the front and rear of the trim piece (2 front and 1 back, or 2 front and two back) but I've seen then on the sides. The point is, you have to be careful with the screwdriver and find the tabs. The screwdriver should be slid between the leather and the retainer. Pull upwards on the retainer gently, and as you loosen the tabs, it will come out.

Remove the leather surround. Once the chrome retainer has been removed, it should be easy to work it out of the console.

Loosen the black trim ring gently as it has tabs as well, but they are visible once the leather trim has been removed. Lift it upwards out of the wood trim and pull it to the side out of the way. You don't need to disconnect the wires, just lay the black trim to the side.

Lift the rear of the wood console trim and gently, gently slide it back and up. It will try to hang on the leather console, and can be difficult. Patience is important, as the walnut on the ski slope cracks easy (really easy).

Once the wood console trim (ski slope) is removed, you should have a row of screws up the side of the center control panel, where the radio and AC controls are. There are four to six on each side, depending on what Jaguar used at the time, as the 95 cars mechanically are somewhat of a blend of the XJ40 and the XJ300. Remove these screws, and note any spacers that were behind them. These spacers get lost quickly, and cause the ski slope to sit awkwardly on the console.

The radio will slide forwards once these screws are removed. Remove the radio harness and the antenna lead. As the books say, assembly is reverse of removal

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Does the system flashes valet mode when you try to release the trunk by pushing the button?

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Was the ABS replaced with a new one or was your old ABS module rebuilt?I see issues with rebuilt modules. The modules do not broadcast the vehicle speed signal to the ECM and the Instrument Pack. You need to have another module installed or send back that one and have it repaired.
----------- But if your module is brand new OEM part and still speedo is not working.Then get the speedo sensor checked.The speed sensor also called as VSS( vehicle speed sensor).Its located on transmission.If the speed sensor is faulty or dirty, then speedometer will not work.- ----------- This will help.thanks.Helpmech.

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There is a by-pass valve that you turn to manually operate the roof.------- Turn pump valve counter clock wise to place pump in manual mode.The valve is located in right side trunk well. -------- To get more details to operate top, click this link below:--- ----------This will help.Thanks.Helpmech.

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the module is pretty simple to replace it pretty much plug and play....just make sure you unplug the neg battery terminal while installing advice is to find one from ebay and should be able to get one for under 300 bucks...Good luck with my friend...if I can help you in anyway let me know...

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please check yoour fuel relay, and fuel pump fuse...You should hear thepump when you turn the ignition on to stage 2.

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you have a hydraulic leak there are two lines that meet in the middle by the light cluster both lines should be changed you have to pull back headliner to see lines and leak one line runs under drivers side panel near side of seat and other line runs under passenger side panel near the side of the seat going to the back seats and to the trunk where hydraulic motor and fluid box is its a hard job and takes about six hours to do lines arer 214.00 fluid is 70.00 and about 800 in labor

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Sounds like a loose or worn belt that is rubbing on the pully. Pull on the belt and if you can move it more than 1/2 an inch out from the line between the two pulleys, you need to tighten it. If the belt is old, you can try adding some belt dressing but that is a temporary fix.

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Ihad the same problem with my 1999 xk8.
required a transmission rebuild. cost approx.2000

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most cars if you plug the battery in with the key in ignition and turned to run before plugging in this will usually bypass the alarm. If its an aftermarket alarm i dont know each one is different. remove that thing if its an aftermarket alarm and you dont have the fob.

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For serpentine belt routing diagram, click the link below:--- ----------- This should help.Thanks.Helpmech.

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Buy a cheap battery charger that plugs into the lighter socket. The battery will come up enough to pop the trunk. If you are in a hurry, you could power up the system under the hood by attaching 12v to ground and the back of the alternator if you know how.

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start the car turn the radio on scroll to the station you want then push and hold the preset button 1 thru 9 untill it beeps then go to the next station you want to set and do the same.

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window is off track or the regulator is bad, you will need to remove the panel and inspect the window and regulator, if it is the regulator you will see a loose cable. Good Luck Tim

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Please see my tip at . These are genericinstructions. If you get stuck or need specific instructions for your car, please get back to me with model, year and engine info.

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