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The dealer will have a clear adhesive they recommend and sell over their parts counter. If they do not, ask the person behind the counter, and quite often they will have a recommendation. I might use clear silicone, but I'd prefer the recommended adhesive. Good luck and let us know your outcome so others may share.

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sounds like a faulty control relay..

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This is not necessarily your dimmer switch. Most manufacturers tie the dash lights to the tail lights so that it warns you in a visible way if your tail-lights are not working. It sounds more like you have a power supply problem unless working the dimmer switch actually causes or resolves the problem. Chances are you either have a shorting power wire, or a mostly broken wire that is only making an intermittent connection. If it was constant I'd suggest checking fuses but with an intermittent issue, The only way to really check this is to start tracing wires and testing power along them when it's not working. Wiring diagrams help a lot.

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You've done most of the steps I would have so far... Now use a meter and trace the wires backward. Sounds like a broken or chewed up wire along the route backwards. Also try a separate wire with power to see if you can deliver power to those lights. If they work, albeit temporary for the test, you grounds are good. If one works and the other does not, then THAT ONE has a ground loss. In any case, you have it narrowed down, and I would hope that by now you may have your answer. Let us know so we can share our knowledge with other readers. Thank you!

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Youll have to take it to the dealer, and trust me, I do not recommend the dealer ever, so I dont write this lightly.

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On the 5-speed used 1996/7-2002 it is under the hood in the right compartment next to the firewall under the lift-out cover. Not sure if it is inside the large box with the ECM (cover to box held by 4 torx fasteners - next to and partly under the edge where the hood rests). It may be just in front of this box mounted vertically. I am going by the picture in the Electrical Manual found here: .
Recommend you join the forum here:

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Un hook battery and let sit for 30 minutes with no power. This should let the capacitors bleed down and reset the code. It probably has a lost power code that is being retained memory.

I’m happy to help further over the phone at

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remove plastic gearchange cover four clips use small plastic blade down each side about 20mm from each end to release, disconnect switch connectors.remove 4 screws and metal retainers, may have spacing washers underneath.remove veneer j gate surround.remove rear centre console end held by clips just pry off carefully,remove 4 torx screws now exposed. remove centre console you may have to disconnect electrical connectors depending on vehicle spec.cig lighter on all,it will then enable the audio unit fixings to be removed make sure you remove the gearshift from P and disconnect battery before you start work

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anytime a knock is involved it is usually the crankshaft, crankshaft bearings, piston rods, i could go on .. sorry you car is finished

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It could be the brake pedal switch, it often occurs it fails in our kitty. If your car (as mine) is equipped with a cruise control, this could be associated with the msg "cruise control not available" too (or something similar).
In this case you can fix (or change) that switch. The worst is to dismount it... ;-)

Good chance


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part off the module fixed to the pump modulator assembly on lhs under bonnet. common problem, check pump motor resistance should be low 3ohms or less if ok module may be at fault.somtimes you have to change both
but it normally the motor brushes stuckworn out

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I'm not familiar with JAG but MOST cars have a switch in the front and the back that is called a fuel shutoff switch. I am going to say you may have bumped the switch and it shut off the fuel pump. The switch on most cars is located under the bumper area or around the grill area. Your best bet is to go to the local auto parts store and buy a repair manual for your car and start looking the the electrical schematic section to locate where the Fuel shutoff switch is located.

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to latch manually you have a allen key located on the pump in the boot rh side, remove the little plug on the screen closing panel and use the key to latch the mechanism. if the roof top operation is poor/ sluggish it needs the roof/top hydraulic system flushing and new pentosyl fluid using in the system the old type/origional fluid can turn to a jelly like substance.

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DSC stands for Diagnostic Service Code. Does vehicle have problems requiring service?

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intake runner open or closed longer than expected ..p1517 code jaguar xk8

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I would not re-stretch the material, as it is likely dry rotted by now. If you carefully take the panel apart, and often these days they are glued together, you might replace that panel. Look online for matching cloth. I think this kind of job can be fun if you take your time, are observant, and careful. You might be so good you'll want to replace all your panels to give it that updated look. Otherwise, take the panel out and get an estimate from a local upholstery shop to avoid any hassles. If the panel is in the car, it will be much more expensive.

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Driving Range or Distance you can go at average mileage and amount of fuel in the gas tank. One of the items that will display if you poke one of the buttons to the right of the top of the speedometer.

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I need all the information to help, the codes received on the testing to start.

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