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Check the spark plugs are the exact recommended specification.
I have just replaced the plugs and coils on my 1996 Jag, and when I accelerated hard, the engine would shut off at 4000 revs, the engine check light would com on briefly and the tacho would jump about. Long story short, the recommended plugs were (NGK) BCPR6ES ( R for resistance), I put in BCP6ES (no resistance). When I put the old plugs back in, it was back to normal, when I stepped on kittys tail, it got angry real fast all the way to red line! Resistance spark plugs were originally to suppress electrical interference on the radio, modern engines also need to suppress electrical interference to the engine management system.

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sounds like a blown head gasket. I have a 2000 doge caravan in my garage that I add water to the radiator and it pours out the the cylinder head. I have posted the pictures on my garage page. do not drive it . have it pressure tested for a head gasket

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First read your owners manual, it should instruct you there.

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need more info about engine

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The cover on most tanks have symbols

I assume you wouldn't reach down to get at
the power steering & would smell that fluid

You surely have filled the windshield container,
with blue fluid in most case

So that leaves the sometimes discolored &
steamy coolant tank

No fluids are consumed or need topping off,
you know that? Not on any vehicle,never have

Just a gimmick to get you into a repair shop

If you have to add you have a leak to repair

Front & Side fender well--should have a hose from
radiator & one going to engine somewhere
Look There

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If this car was purchased from a dealer or used car lot you may have a change of getting your money back but if you got from a private owner you are out of luck.

Also it depends on how much you paid for this car and if it was sold as is, the best bet is to go to your states lemon law on the web and read up to see if you are able to use the law.

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There is no fill tube on either the 5HP24 (1996-2002) or 6HP26 (2003-2006) transmissions. They are both "sealed for death". By changing your transmission fluid you will prolong the life of the transmission. Jaguar only offered a 50,000 mile warranty, so they stand to benefit if your transmission conks out at 90,000 miles. The car has to be up on a lift (or at least on 4 tall jack stands) to check the fluid level or to add more fluid. Plus, the engine has to be running. You check the fluid level from the fill plug, and the plug is right next to the exhaust pipe which gets very hot. If you turn off the engine during the procedure, about 5 liters of fluid will drain out of the fill plug. Here's a video which shows the process for changing the fluid and pan on a 2003 transmission. The procedure is essentially the same for the 2002 and earlier cars, but there are some slight differences in the transmission internally.

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if you truly believe in the diagnosis AS ALLWAYS GET ALL WORK IN WRIGHTING AND FULL WARRANTY OF WORKMANSHIP AND ALL PARTS ON IF AND OR BUTTS .sorry i cant help more good luck .

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I have a 91 XJ6 and have some experience with these Jaguars. First, do you have power to the radio? Does anything light up on the radio? If you have power you will need to go to a local dealership with the car and proof of ownership and the should be able to get the code for the radio. If you do not have power then check the fuse and wiring for a bad connection or bad fuse. Good luck, Ken.

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Possible Causes:
- Bank 2 VVT solenoid valve to PCM PWM drive circuit fault.
- Bank 2 VVT actuator oil supply fault.
- Bank 2 VVT actuator stuck.

The biggest issues with vvts are oil supply issues. Useally debris like oil sludge in oil pickup screen, loose bearing clearances as an engine wears, and oil passages blocked/partially blocked to and in vvts. The first (i always shoot for cheapest potential likely fix) use a good engine flush(2 bottle for our higher than normal capacity engines) follow directions on bottle. Change oil and switch to a 20-50w. Leave out 1 quart and add 1 qt auto ****** atf(highly detergent, more so than engine oil and wont hurt anything) while you have overly ******** cam codes, it may be an issue of apply and blockage that keeps pressure in vvts too long when supposed to release. Most times its ******** cams( like the 1 i am doing right now....try this first and go from there, rememebr to clears codes and give time, you may have to clear codes a few times as it may continue to reset.

DTC P1396 - VVT Solenoid Malfunction - (B bank)

Check HERE a TSB about this faylkt code.

Hope this helps; also keep in mind that your feedback is important and I`ll appreciate your time and consideration if you leave some testimonial comment about this answer.

Thank you for using FixYa, have a nice day.

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The 2 buttons below the J shifter are Cruise control (Left) Sport mode (Left)

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it is well common on jaquar to have power steering oil leak. Especially the leak is from power steering pump. You have to visit a qualified workshop and do the job by renewing the pump. Get on WWW.ebay or usa and surely you will find a good price pump new.

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the timing chain tentioner has a magnet which holds all the broken bits n pieces n the engine could be stuck in there

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Does it have fuel pressure when cyling the ignition key?

Do you hear the fuel pump run briefly?

I doubt you reset anything, unless you were in a terrible

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Duplicate question.

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At the engine compartment fuse box, check 10A fuse 3. I think you will find it is blown.

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Generally speaking, there is no fix. Leather was once a living material, and over time it dries out. There are some over the counter products to bring back the "life" of the material by replacing the oils lost, much like hand lotion for humans. But once the surface has cracked open, there isn't much you can do for it.
You can check with a local upholstery shop to see if they can fill in the cracks.

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I recommend full synthetic or semi synthetic 5W40W or 10W40W in hotter climates. Oil capcity is 6.4 quarts with filter

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