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Raise the ride height? It looks like your front air shock absorbers have failed... of could be the air line manifold near the metal air storage tank.

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I believe that this is to protect valuables left in the boot when parking the vehicle. I read here that there is access some where in/ near the glove box but I cannot remember exactly what it was . Surf the net under Jaguar valet problems and you may get the answer.

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If the key won;'t work, your only other solution is to remove the rear seats. You may be able to reach through the rear seat bulkhead and pull the release catch.

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if the wires are on the right plug then you could have injector problems. when you changed the plugs did you gap the plugs to specs as if they aren`t then it can cause this problem. you could also have one or more bad ignition wires.

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bolts, see them , just look , you will see em. i promise.

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What are the torque specs for ? , I need more info to give you an answer. There are hundreds of torque answers for a car like the jaguar xj8 are we talking motor bolts or power torque ? The motor on a naturally aspirated is 290 ft.pds.

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you may have a coolant leak from a bypass hose or pipe that runs over or to the intake manifold. pressure test the cooling sys and you will find the leak.

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the radio may have been removed or lost power to the internal battery. you may need to contact Jaguar to get an unlock proceedure for it and possibly an unlock code as well.

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I would not use anything more than say 10psi of pressure. I doubt using air pressure will fix the clog if that is the problem, because the pump uses 10-20 psi in normal use. You may have to disconnect the nozzles and use a pin to clean out the ports or find the clog in the main line.

2006 Jaguar XJ8 | 83 views | 1 helpful votes

Happens a lot. Always use the best high octane you can find. Check wire connections to knock sensor (most common cause for 'restricted performance light, sometimes outside temperature plays a part). Then disconnect negative terminal from battery, wait 2 minutes, reconnect. Then take car for a drive in various conditions, like city traffic, highway driving, and more. After several restarts, mine went away. Occasionally comes back, then disapiars. Ignore orange engine light.

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Just go under the seat and unplug it

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First check to see if you have enough washer fluid in the reservoir. Then check to see if the rubber tubing is kinked or pinched when you close the hood. It is possible but not likely to be plugged up, except during the winter. The spray nozzles could be plugged up, because the opening is much smaller than the tubing. Even though the pump is operating, does not mean that it is actually pumping any fluid. The pump assembly is electrical and mechanical. The electric motor runs, but the pumping mechanism could be defective. If you use compressed air to clean out the rubber tubing, make sure the rubber hose is not connected up to the pump assembly. It might get damaged from too much pressure.

2006 Jaguar XJ8 | 56 views | 1 helpful votes

check relays usually under the hood on that model

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The coolant temp sensoris located in the cross pipe in the front of eng in the thermostat housing

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If I understand your statement correctly, noise but the engine will not "turn over." This sounds like the starter motor is running but the gear that engages the flywheel gear-teeth is not making contact at all or is moving into too-slight contact, just enough to make a lot of noise. In U.S. cars the device on the stater motor that moves the starter gear forward is called a "Bendix." As the starter motor starts to turn, the Bendix shoves a small gear forward, engaging teeth on the flywheel which spins the flywheel to start the engine. If the Bendix is sticking or has failed the gear will not move forward at all or not far enough.

Sarting with the least cost first, I'd look toward a "sticky" bendix. Try using a light penetrating oil or perhaps, WD-40 to free-up the Bendix.

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There are only a few ways coolant can get out of the cooling system.
First check where the hoses connect to the radiator to make sure they are completely dry. Then check directly under radiator to make sure it isn't damp. Sometimes the radiator cap will go bad and allow some coolant to leave. You can replace the radiator cap relatively cheap. The very worst way you can be loosing coolant is thru a blown head gasket. The coolant slowly leaks into the cylinder and is burned. You would have to go to a mechanic to have this verified.

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Most likely you need an overhaul.

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