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if its not opening its not the fuse if the other doors open. it will be the solenoid in the lock needs replacing if the manual release is not working you will have to try and remove the boot cover from the inside as best as you can. and push the pin over so you can unlock the boot. think its just to the left of the lock so from the inside looking out its on the right side.

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You can buy the actual Bosch injector plugs new with crimp terminals. Here is a link to an ebay listing that you can use as a start for possible sources -
Bosch Fuel Injector Connector Jaguar XJ6 4 2 69 87 eBay

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I don't think there is a fuse but there is a module in the steering column follow the dimmer wires

1991 Jaguar XJ6 | 43 views | 0 helpful votes

not difficult just unbolt it ,,,same as mine ,easy to do

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If you had to add 4pints of oil, it has sadly been neglected. I suggest a full service at a Jaguar dealership.

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If you want to solve your problem, click on the link I attached

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The first thing you should do is check the basics.
When was it last given a full service?
Make sure the air filter is clean.
Is the fuel getting to all the cylinders?
Are all the cylinders getting a spark? (I'm assuming it is a gasoline motor).
If there are any warning lights on the dashboard GET THEM CHECKED BY A GOOD MECHANIC!

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the car you have is the jag x300 series the main probs with this car are the lambda sensors and/ or the catalysts and you will get high emissions. to help sort this out you need someone with ids or wds software to help to check the fault codes or monitor the live data the ign timing is controlled by the ecu lower rh A post! its not adjustable

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You've got a short in a wire which causes the battery to be drained. Check all wires going to headlights. May have a cracked or exposed wire. May also be the headlight switch.

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not sure if any off this will help you o The starter won't crank. If nothing happens when you turn the ignition key to the "Start" position, it means that the starter motor doesn't turn over the engine. Most commonly this could be caused by a dead battery; here is How to check the battery. ... The ignition switch could be bad - it's a common problem.13 Aug 2013

Why a car won't start - troubleshooting tips - try this link. Car wont start Google Search

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Well fer a start ya can't jump start an automatic, only a manual. Now Jags are notorious for this kind of behaviour as they are pommy cars and we all know what the poms are like, so any way remove one or two spark plugs an git yer sel some Aerostart or similar an give it a good squirt down into the cylinder head, screw ya plugs back in, connect ya leads then kick her in the guts and vroooom yer of and runnin again..

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from memory the fuel pump relay has a timer part built inside to prime the system at ignition on sounds like its gone down

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Never owned one but maybe your car is Vapor locked...It's when your gas tank pressure becomes greater than your fuel pump..It's caused from years of over filling your gas tank...Your car is designed to burn vapors. But gas goes down the line instead and clogs up your canister meant to filter fumes...Then it builds pressure up in the gas tank. When the pressure in your tank becomes greater than your car...It shuts off and want start back until the pressure has gone down...If this is the problem just loosen your gas releases the pressure immediately...You usually will hear a suction sound when you open your gas cap....Hope this helps...It could be the problem...maybe not...But something you might not think about or know

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ff17 is throttle position sensor its the variable resistor on the throttle body or wiring to it thats causing the fault code the car will carry on working but the fueling will not be correct cos its working on get you home system so the ecm uses basic settings to keep the engine running ie, avg temp etc.

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Check the harness connectors under the seats at the front).
Are you sure that the fuses are OK? Sometimes they can visually appear OK but may still be knackered; try a continuity test.
When my mirrors packed up I disassembled the toggle switch, cleaned everything and they were fine after.
Given the seemingly unrelated items I'm wondering if you have a dodgy common earth point somewhere.

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Check the fuel pressure, the electric in tank fuel pump may be sticking.

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The product you need is a Castrol Product; HMSO...Hydraulic Mineral Steering Oil. The leak is pretty common and you might be lucky and tighten the hose clamps. The replacement hose is a little pricey from the dealer but best price is from Rock Auto. It is a messy DIY job but probably 200-300 from a garage and they will want to charge about 100 for the hose.

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Did you install a new fuel pump? Because the fuel level sender is part of the pump. There are hoses that connect to vapor recovery from the tank check and make sure they are not lose. Take the cap off and clean where it threads in. I have seen where gunk builds up and does not let the cap seat properly because it isnt going all the way in.get a new cap at the dealership. I bought new caps at the parts store and the light still came the correct one at dealer and as soon as i started my car the light went off .

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