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Sounds like bad window regulator.
If you get lucky you can spray silicone in the window run channels. That won't fix regulator but it could help a weak motor move it up.
If you broke the side view mirror off and caused this then your channel is bent and needs straightened

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You must pull the pan off the transmission, the shift relays are inside bolted to the valve body. It is really messy job.

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the s type models has a saddle type of fuel tank which means it has two compartments go over the rear transmission system ie, propshaft and differential. it has a electrical pulse width controlled pump to supply the engine.which is on rh and a jet pump on lh side of tank which is not electrical and uses a hydraulic type off system to transfer fuel from one side to the other to balance it all out and has two level sensors for fuel level indication which the instrument pack sorts out the differance for fuel level indications, hope that helps you.

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the wipers are contolled by the gem module generic electronic module. located lh lower a post inside car. the relays are located in th engine bay fuse box the rh side most likeley cause of the problem is corroded wiring behind the front bumper liner between the gem module and the engine bay fuse box common problem

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It's best to have your headlights adjusted by a shop that has the equipment to do the job. Head light aiming equipment takes into account how level the car is before adjustments. The cost of a ticket for misaligned headlights is more than getting them aimed properly.

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a straight remove /reinstall in a specialist transmission shop would take a max of 4 hours

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Most blend door are electrical. You can remove the motor and turn the door with needle nose pliers. If the motor is on the back side of the plenum. You might as well fix it. You have to remove the dash to access it.

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start on each head as follows centre 4 head bolts anti clockwise then outer 4 bolts the same 30nm then + 90degrees then slacken all 360 degrees, then all +90degrees then +90 degrees in that sequence and definately use new bolts sounds complicated but is the genuine way it should be done but is easy in practice if you know what you doing with the correct tools hope this helps worked on these engines from day one

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no code of this number exists in the jag code listings ,
P0285....Cylinder 9 Injector Circuit Low
but the code for a ford which is what the software is i think for a vehicle of this age remember that ford owned jaguar at this stage ?
P1285 Cylinder Head Overtemperature Condition

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You don't. The engine management computer needs to receive a coded signal from the immobiliser in order to switch on.

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the 3 main issues with jag electronic park brake faults are 1st the sliders in the rear caliper frames sieze up which tells the park brake module that the travel is excessive and turns it off 2nd the wiring to the park brake motor chaffes on the rear subrame. 3rd the park brake motor fails. try a battery reset by disconnect the -v battery terminal for a couple of mins. reconnect and work parkbrake on/off to recalibrate, if it still comes on parkbrake failure then try the other poss faults, hope this helps

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these cars suffer from one problem and that is the computer ,as the O2 sensor heaters run the earth back through a transistor switch in the ECU ,so what i do is run a seperate earth from O2 sensor heater side to chassis or engine this cures the fault so vehicles passes the emmisions but the engine light will stay on .on the O2 sensor are two white wires these are the heater wires ,one will read a positive but no earth continuety ,run a earth and it will work .

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notify dealer with vin or vehicle and proof of ownership for code

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Check the Air Mass

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check the sensor pick up ,not sure if it picks up from the abs sensor or if its on the gearbox on this model.then theirs the 4WD models .i cannot remember every car i repair because unlike the old days in the uk when their was only 4/5 makes of cars .

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The chime usually goes with the door latch. What did you replace? You may have not got the electrical plug seated or a lead has pushed out.

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Sounds to me like you've got a cooling fan problem. Possibly even a sensor or a loose/broken wire. Try turning on the A/C and if it cools down that may be your problem.

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