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more than likely you need an ignition coil or two. s type jags chew coils regularly if you know what I mean!
good luck and god bless.

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the spare wiring is because the manufacture will use a wiring harness for the same model for differant specifications and leave the unused connectors thats not needed to install the upgrade system you have got the wiring there but you may need a power amplifier more speakers and not knowing what model stype you have you may have to have the audio head unit reprogrammed

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the fuel pump has got a 12volt constant supply the ground is pulse width modulated to control fuel pressure as its a single line supply thats why the readings you are getting

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your climate control system is a twin system it has a duel control valve in its normal state it defaults to open both ways unless your heater matrix is blocked then if not the valve has failed or more than likely the wiring to it has corroded. on the valve electrical connector there is 3 wires the centre one is battery positive and normally goes o/c because of corroded wiring around the front bumper liner.check the centre wire using a test lamp like a 21 watt bulb to power load the supply if thats ok then you have to check the wiring back to the climate module the wiring on these cars have been a large prob around the front bumper

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Sounds like you have a flat battery, enough power to turn lights on not enough to turn starter, or secondly your starter is jammed,try tapping the motor with a hammer to release if this works replace starter motor. Before doing either of these check wiring connections to the starter to make sure they are not loose.

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that sounds like the door latch assembly is faulty it does not use the same micro switch for door open signal has the interior light

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Brake pedal return spring may be weak or brake light switch above pedal may need adjustment.

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you may have dislodged the reflector from the unit housing. retaining fixings remove the lamp assembely and remove the bulbs then try and refit the reflector back in to the retainers by pulling them back through the bulb holder holes

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there is a short somewhere ... check all your wires ... starting from the box

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Starter motor solenoid could be faulty. Check the cabling and connectors.

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I can't see anything from here? I looked at an online parts book for a picture of one of your cats, this is what I found. I know from past experience with removing mufflers, clamp or not, they get rusted on there. I usually end up using a hack saw to get it off. Sometimes I have used a metal chisel and a 4# hammer. It's a pain. You have any experience with a cutting torch and welder?
I looked in my database, it didn't have anything, sorry. A muffler shop might be able to help you?

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you have got corroded/open circuit wiring to the gem module more than likely behind the front bumper liner or over the wheelarch liner area lh viewed sat facing forward

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may be a camshaft chain problem your aj26 or aj27 engine is prone to broken chain tensioner/guide problems they are plastic you need to go to a speciaist jag/engine person . good luck

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check for air hydroc throwout bearing

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Is it still not starting if not then you might have triggered theft detterant system which can be turned off with reprogramming of ignition module. Did you recently have any work done to ignition ignition switch or key switch there is usually a way you can bypass it

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the problem you have is caused by the pats anti theft system is not recognising your key it may be the transponder or you may need a new key and get it programmed by a jag dealer or someone with the needed gear to do it with best advise take it to a jag dealer

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Fix your problem right away, by clicking the link Jaguar type 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 Workshop Service Manual

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my suggestions is to reboot the system by disconnecting your battery for a few minutes an reconnecting might take care of it .

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the most likely cause is the dual control valve in the cooling system and/or the wiring to it. you can change the settings back to the origional settings using the touch screen or the dash switches . @ your model/year there was a factory fix which was about changing the servo motors on the climate control unit for that may need to take to a jag dealer. but first make sure the outside temp is reading ok on the dispay that can also cause that prob if its gone faulty

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