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bleed out the air and get the engine running, then decide if the price is good or not
still even if the engine and transmission is faulty requiring replacements , , as the body is in good condition the extra cost may still make it a good buy compared to used car card prices

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Many are,drop by a dealer and they will run your serial number and tell you what recalls are for your car.

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Turn your headlights on and see if they are nice and brite, and than see if headlights get dim when you try to start the engine.

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if your car is front wheel drive it could be your cvs that go to the trans,do you have the orginal tires on it or did you put bigger ones ? didyou do any changes/ then this noise started.thats the best I can do without me looking at it.

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ask for a quality injector cleaner to be added to the tank
ask that the fault codes be read as part of the service

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I had same car different year and my transmission went for unknown reasons. I have also heard of others

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Confirm ur fuel pump is working. Ensure ur pickup tube is not blocked. Then ensure u did not leave a rag or parts in the manifold tubes. Not laughing it happens. Is the distributor in the right spot. Etc etc. Did u rehook the alt up if removed . Is tje battery fully charged. And lastly is the fuel flowing and freash. Then recheck your work did u replace all parts right. Any air in the head gasket will make the fuel /air mixture off.
Good luck

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Sounds like the fuel pump is starting to go, the problem after fill up is most always related to a failing pump. The other issue may be a dirty throttle valve.

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You got ripped off by the mechanic. A good mechanic can pinpoint the problem by using a scan tool. Take vehicle to autozone or similar and have it scanned for codes this will give you a idea what is wrong. I believe the problem is exhaust related because of the blinking light.

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Take it to advance auto have them hook up analyzer to check for fault codes and go from there---you may have an ECM issue or short/loose wire somewhere and/or have you changed anything electrically--if not match to system---will drive ECM nuts--exe some radios are part of the functioning ECM and if these are replaced with after market or unmatched factory issue---problems will arise

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Hey , you know troubled "Strarters" are funny things, "like a broken clock, they are right twice a day !!" There's a little starter drive inside that thing as complicated as he..(you know !!) One thing that I have had the "It doesn't start, it does start bit" from this winter was my battery. I got so ticked that I went & bought a used one from Kijiji for $50. You know what? "It's still in my TRUNK !!!" A lot of places will check your battery for free. Check your battery, it's connections, any acid at the terminals? One tes I have used, for free is "Can you boost another guy's car with your battery, and the car not running?" No Luck, then see about when it's running. When you get into your car, are the "Door ajar" etc. lights bright, or kind of dim compared to when " The Beast" is running? Som e simple tips, maybe not applicable, but come for my favourite price, "FREE".
When I'm at a cash & I'm asked "How'd you like to pay sir?" I like to answer "Reluctantly !!"
Good Luck !

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Hi Pocketlock.
Have you tried tuning it up?
Try changing your spark plugs, wires, and change your air filter. You can also put an injector cleaner in your gas tank. (Techron or Seafoam are good products, Techron is better in my opinion). You should see a difference in engine performance. Hope this helps.

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When you disconnect battery with key on you are clearing the code that will tell you what component is bad. The computer must recognize a component is over or under the normal parameters at least 3 times before it sets a code. Check some garages around where you live because some don't charge you to scan the computers or monitor the data stream to determine whats causing the problem. I know its going to be difficult but if possible , when the problem occurs again try to get it to a garage and ask them to pull up any diagnostic codes before you turn the ignition switch off.

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