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If no leaks, I would pressure test the system with a view to replacing the head gasket.

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if some one has tried to suck gas with a hose. they could have pushed the vent line back in the tank . There is a 3/4 line inside your 2 inch to releave presure. have line checked.

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Yes, there's a relay in the passenger compartment relay box. Power flows from 2 fuses; blower fuse 30A in the engine compartment relay box and fuse 12 10A in the dash fuse box. The 20A fuse goes to one side of the blower relay contacts. The other fuse goes to one side of the relay control coil. When you turn the blower switch on, it ground the control coil which moves the contacts and sends power to the motor. The motor speeds are controlled on the ground side of the circuit by the blower motor resistor. Which resistor provides ground depends on the speed switch setting you choose. But the whole system depends on ground G01. If that ground is bad or corroded, the blower won't work

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It's the fuel vent pipe, check and make sure it's vented and not stopped up with dirt or road debris

If you need further help, I’m available over the phone at

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There are nine fusible links in the engine compartment relay and fuse box: 120A FUSIBLE LINK (BATT), 30A FUSIBLE LINK (ABS 1), 30A FUSIBLE LINK (ABS 2). 30A FUSIBLE LINK (BLOWER), 40A FUSIBLE LINK (IGN), 20A FUSIBLE LINK (ECU), 50A FUSIBLE LINK(BAT), 20A FUSIBLE LINK (RAD), and 20A FUSIBLE LINK (COND). The passenger compartment junction block contains the 30A FUSIBLE LINK (PWDW)

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Check out all the wiring connections having anything to do with your transmission. Some wire has dislodged.

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Think your dealer is mistaken. If the engine is stock, then the serial number of car should enable dealer to get the engine info. Try another dealer just to make sure. I NEVER trust those *(&^^^&(*)))&*^%^&(

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there is a switch on the door frame the door hits this and brakes the turns the light and door chime off, will need cleaning or replacing.

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There are several possible causes for this symptom. Your regulator is integrated to the fuel pump inside the fuel tank. Unless the problem is in the wiring, the pump will probably need replacing. A mechanic can check the wiring for you or you can check yourself with an ohmmeter.

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bleed out the air and get the engine running, then decide if the price is good or not
still even if the engine and transmission is faulty requiring replacements , , as the body is in good condition the extra cost may still make it a good buy compared to used car card prices

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Many are,drop by a dealer and they will run your serial number and tell you what recalls are for your car.

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Turn your headlights on and see if they are nice and brite, and than see if headlights get dim when you try to start the engine.

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if your car is front wheel drive it could be your cvs that go to the trans,do you have the orginal tires on it or did you put bigger ones ? didyou do any changes/ then this noise started.thats the best I can do without me looking at it.

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ask for a quality injector cleaner to be added to the tank
ask that the fault codes be read as part of the service

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Confirm ur fuel pump is working. Ensure ur pickup tube is not blocked. Then ensure u did not leave a rag or parts in the manifold tubes. Not laughing it happens. Is the distributor in the right spot. Etc etc. Did u rehook the alt up if removed . Is tje battery fully charged. And lastly is the fuel flowing and freash. Then recheck your work did u replace all parts right. Any air in the head gasket will make the fuel /air mixture off.
Good luck

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I had same car different year and my transmission went for unknown reasons. I have also heard of others

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