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Mostly the sensors are a coil of wire and a magnet and either the flywheel or crank acts as a reluctor causing the sensor to provide an output if it is passive or to provide a varying output if the circuit is active.
There are semiconductor devices that will perform a similar function.

Cranking the engine will prove nothing unless you have an oscilloscope.

Fault finding specifications should provide information about ohm meter readings and which pins and the supply voltage (if any).

I strongly suggest you first ensure the vehicle immobiliser is disarmed...

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get it from the given link easily

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It sounds like you definitely have a short. Get an ohm meter and probe the power wire to each light. One of them should register continuity to ground. This will give you a starting point for where to start looking at the harness.

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Headlamp relay maybe . Located in the under hood fuse / relay box . Do you know what a relay is and how it works ? There is two relay's , one for low beam an one for high beam .
Relays Understanding Diagnosis and Testing Relayed Circuits Pt1

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you have to mention the make and model that is being tested
there are codes but if it is a GM product many scan tools will not read the faults because it requires a scan tool with a special protocol for GM
if it is a nissan , the ECM has a small screw that has to be turned to get the codes to read
The car is playing so rest assured there are fault codes but who ever is doing the reading is using the wrong scanner or is not familiar with your make of car requirements

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take the car to a suspension specialist shop and have the rear wheels aligned first
have the suspension checked for worn mounts or bad springs
it is very important that the rear end is aligned before the front end
suspect that the suspension rubbers need replacing as it is over 6 years old
the tyre rotation is a myth perpetrated on drivers to sell tyres
when the tyre construction was cross-ply and not radials yes rotation then on cross-ply tyres could get the wear to even out but with radials once the wear is started then the tyre continually wears in that pattern regardless of which wheel it is on
even if you take that tyre of the car and put it on a trailer , it will still continue to wear in that pattern
tyres are no longer rotated but simply put front to back on the same side other wise the belts flex in a new direction in the tread and fail earlier that expected
besides that fact that tyre rotation will not allow you to monitor for suspension problems or wheel alignment problems and cost you 4 tyres at a time instead of two

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Go to YouTube, type Elantra Timing belt replace. There are a few videos that will show cam and crank timing marks. Very helpful stuff.
Good luck

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Could be worn volume-control (potentiometer), dust/oxidizing on wiper-track of same control.
Buy contact-cleaner spray,such as Servisol, McKenic, Kontakt or similar.
If linear slider-type volume, attach tubular nozzle/guide thingy to spray head, squirt cleaner into slot while zooming back & forth (stereo OFF).
This scrubs the contacted surface while cleaning.
If rotary type, remove stereo, open cover, locate volume control, squirt into control while dialling up and down.
Allow a few minutes to evaporate (quick dry spray is best).

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Easy, find someone that has an OBD2 meter and get the error code # ( an example is Po256) Then plug the code number into google and it will tell you what is wrong.
You have to have a sensor on the engine component for the ck engine lite to come on. Leaking fluid will usually not have a sensor, so this is not the engine light problem.

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I would go back to the mechanic and get him to explain himself better. I feel by the sound of it - it is fuel related.

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Now a days Fans will starts rotating when the hit to specified temperature, do not worry if Fan did not starts intimidate after car starts. The Fan will start automatically when engine temperature arise. Even after that is its not starting get it into the Garage, u may have to check FAN switch.

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If the test says it the issue.. you have no choice but to replace it.. (you could cut it apart and clean it out, then reweld it)..BUT if the inspectors see it,, you are IN BIG TROUBLE!!

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The 4-wire sensor is for vehicles rated as Ultra Low Emission Vehicles. If you have a 5-wire connector, your vehicle isn't ULEV. NTK is the brand installed at the factory and that's the brand you should use. Go to and you can buy it there if your local store can't get that brand.

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If the manufacturer has added this procedure, it is probably because they have seen failures. I would do the extra torquings. They only take about an hour, if you have the tools. Youmust use a torque wrench.

Remove the air intake hose, as necessary.
Remove the rocker arm center cover.
Label and remove the spark plug wires.
Remove the breather and PCV hoses.
Remove the upper timing belt cover.
Remove the rocker cover.
Tighten head bolts to proper torque specification in sequence shown below. 65-72 ft. lbs. (90-100 Nm).


Install the rocker cover.


Fig. Fig. 9: Apply a 0.4 in. (10 mm) bead of Three Bond No. 1212Dor equivalent sealant to each end of the rocker coveras illustrated-except 1.5L (VIN E), 1.5L (VIN J) and 3.0L (VIN P) engine.


Fig. Fig. 10: Rocker cover bolts are of different lengths.Bolts marked as (*) are 25 mm long. Bolts markedas (**) are 20 mm long. Bolts marked as (***) are 15 mm long

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Does the vehicle have a manual or automatic transmission ? If automatic have you tried moving the gear selector to neutral ? park netural safety switch.

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Vacuum leak is most likely candidate, but can also be a fuel pressure or injector problem. To test the sensor, the computer purposely commands a quick rich lean cycle to see how fast the sensors react. If injectors are dirty, pressure is off or there's a vacuum leak, it can screw up the response time.

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No fuel delivery is fine im sure i was having same issue thought the same thing so i changed fuel pump. Still same thing try checking your rear drum brakes under neath the rotor that are for your emergency brake your ebrake is sticking inside the drum everything is old and prolly needs replaced try checking the brakes jack it up and try turning one rear wheel then the other one wen ebrake is down and wheels are in the air the rear wheels should spin freely if not then the drum brakes r sticking check it out like isaid i had same issue and spent money that didnt need to be spent

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