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The fuel pumps the fuel into the engine from the tank. If you can hear it running , then you need to hook up a pressure gauge to see how muck pressure you have. If you have enough pressure then check the injectors to see if they are getting current from the computer to inject the fuel to the cylinders.

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I got this free Pdf manual from reliable-store for free and I don't think Ive visited a mechanic or fixya for help for more than 3-4 times out of the 20 times I fixed the chipper in these 4 years

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you cant change 1 to 2

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Have you had the car serviced?
make sure fuel filter and spark plugs with Lead are changed.

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Seems the wrong thing to do ... replace distributor cap, why would you do that?
Take foot off the accelerator and it slows down.
What is wrong with that.

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try the inertia switch has not tripped first the there is a fuel pump timer relay that is favorite good luck

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Yes, this is indicative of fuel pump failure. It will need to be replaced.

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Better inspect them again. If you have grinding noise when braking. It's only one thing the brake pads are rubbing on the rotors. Now the question is which front wheel. Remove the brakes and inspect the caliper see if it's not sticking and the sliders. Then inspect the pads and the rotor for a ridge that can cause noise when the pad rubs the ridge. Just looking at the wheel won't be enough you have to remove the parts to find the problem

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Sounds like an electrical short-circuit of your wiring harness.
Get checked ASAP.!!!
I speak from first-hand experience.

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running good --not a timing belt problem
possible a balance timing belt problem as that shaft has to timed correctly or it accentuates the engine pulse vibrations
run the fault codes and check for injector dirty problems

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check the color of your trans fluid. if it looks like a strawberry milkshake you have water in it and thats a big problem

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When the light comes on, a trouble code is stored in the computer. There are well over 800 possible trouble codes. Get the trouble code and then you'll know

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Wires from distributor to plugs may be defective

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High resistance in wires or plugs can cause you to burn through cap and rotor

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It is very important to enter the code correctly because if too many incorrect codes are entered the radio will permanently shut down. After each successive failed attempt it will take progressively longer before a new attempt can be made.

The procedure for entering the code is related to the radio rather than the car and the type of radio is likely to differ depending on trim level and territory.

The first code number will be entered using the first button, pressing it repeatedly until the display is 6 - - -
The second digit is produced by the second button and so on.

Once the correct code is displayed it usually must be committed to the radio memory by pressing another button but different radios have different button requirements. I strongly suggest you look in the vehicle handbook, carry out further internet research or visit the dealer to ensure you know the exact method of code entry.

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You should find where the fuse box is in the cars handbook .

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Buy the Repair Manual at the Parts Store. Open to Wiring Diagrams. Provoke the Symptom. While Vehicle is doing the Concern, use a DVOM to isolate the Problem. Any electrical component , on that Circuit, could be the Problem. Even a Fuse that appears good, can have corrosion that causes a Problem. If they were Honda techs, I would go with the Relays.

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Found this wiring diagram. Don't know if it is accurate? My wiring diagrams on your model year isn't very good. Voltage to blower motor goes hot with key on and is fused. The control for blower motor is on the ground circuit, bottom wire at blower motor.
blower motor-uukbmsj01uczk2gdszw3c4l0-1-0.jpg

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This is a very common problem on Honda vehicles. The security system is known to fail. Basically when you insert your key, the system checks for certain signal. If the system cannot get the correct signal from the key, it assumes the key is incorrect and goes into SECURITY lockout mode. (prevents hotwiring) This has been happening for a long time. There are ways to bypass this now. Read through this page for info, solutions as well.

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