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2nd try.

  • Fuel pressure is good.
  • Test lamp show VCM is commanding injectors to open.

So your thought is the common side of the injectors are not powered. I believe this is the correct schematic for a '97 suburban.
There is the ECM1 fuse but hard to believe that fuse is blown, check it anyway.


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Some fixya user told me a website reliable-store it is very good.. I used it to repair my shredder it had some spark issue which wasn't easily fixed. you can go there and try

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Check and make sure that you didn't get wires pinched between the transmission bell housing and engine.

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When googling... don't be so specific.
Just try something like this...

gmc/ Chevy wiring 2003. Most sites will have lights...stereos.. speakers..etc. most years are close or compatible as well. Like 2000- 2005 will be almost identical.

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Remove timing connector and set itat 0 or TDC

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You can google your question and find the answer.
About 703,000 results (0.72 seconds)
2.2L Engine Firing order: 1-3-4-2 Distributor-less electronic ignition.

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Your best bet , take it to a qualified repair shop . Problem with electronic throttle control , do you know what that is ?

Could be sensor in gas pedal or throttle body , or wiring or computer or etc... etc.... Don't go by the problem this vehicle has ,could be a number of other thing's .

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You will get the wiring diagram from the given link

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They haven't built one yet, check back in 997 years!

In the meantime, check out:

Hope this helps!

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Try disconnecting the battery and replace the fuse. There may be other electrical components tied into that fuse as well. Fuse 16 will control front and rear turn signals, back up lamps, BTSI solenoid and radio. Make sure you have the correct bulbs and fuse installed.

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Have you looked under the rear seats?

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Fun a fuel flow test on the fuel system. You may have a restriction in the lines of filter. Also make sure that nothing is blocking the accelerator peddle from opening all the way. Use a scanner and check voltage the throttle body is getting from the sender.

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I have cleaned a lot of throttle bodys on GM and Fords and I never have had to relearn the computer. If it is idling a little fast, drive it for a little bit.

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DTC P0497: Evaporative Emission (EVAP) System No Flow During Purge
Circuit/System Description
The control module tests the evaporative emission (EVAP) system for a large leak, or a stuck closed EVAP canister purge valve. The control module monitors the fuel tank pressure (FTP) sensor signal to determine the EVAP system vacuum level. When the conditions for running are met, the control module commands the EVAP canister purge valve OPEN and the EVAP vent valve CLOSED. This allows engine vacuum to enter the EVAP system. At a calibrated time, or vacuum level, the control module commands the EVAP canister purge valve closed, sealing the system, and monitors the FTP sensor input in order to determine the EVAP system vacuum level. If the system is unable to achieve the calibrated vacuum level, or the vacuum level increases too slowly, a DTC sets.

Diagnostic Aids
• A loose, missing, or damaged fuel fill cap can cause this DTC to set.
• A stuck closed, blocked, or restricted EVAP canister purge solenoid valve, can cause this DTC to set.
• A blockage or restriction in the EVAP canister purge solenoid valve vacuum supply hose, EVAP canister purge solenoid valve purge pipe, EVAP canister, or vapor pipe, can cause this DTC to set.
• A temporary blockage in the EVAP canister purge solenoid valve, purge pipe or EVAP canister could cause an intermittent condition. Inspect and repair any restriction in the EVAP system.
• To help locate intermittent leaks, use the J 41413-200 Evaporative Emissions System Tester (EEST) to introduce smoke into the EVAP system. Move all EVAP components while observing smoke with the J 41413-SPT High Intensity White Light. Introducing smoke in 15 second intervals will allow less pressure into the EVAP system. When the system is less pressurized, the smoke will sometimes escape in a more condensed manner.
• To improve the visibility of the smoke exiting the EVAP system, observe the suspected leak area from different angles with the J 41413-SPT .
• Observe the Freeze Frame/Failure Records vehicle mileage since the diagnostic test last failed may help determine how often the condition occurs that caused the DTC to set. This may assist in diagnosing the condition.

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Some fixya user told me a website reliablestore it is very good.. I used it to repair my shredder it had some spark issue which wasn't easily fixed. you can go there and try

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You can try guarantees, but it's a place to start. The 379, 401 and 478 were also the engines of that particular time, but I don't know about interchangeability of the seals. Good luck...

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How do you know they need to be replaced ? The switches incorporate a electronic module . Driver door module .
Power Window System Components
The power window system consists of the following components:
• Driver Door Module (DDM)
• Passenger Door Module (PDM)
• Body Control Module (BCM)
• RR power window switch
• Window up and window down relays in each of the rear passenger window switches
• Window lockout switch
• Reversible power window motors in each of the doors (circuit breaker protected)
• LT DOOR CB 25A (System power for left windows)
• RT DOOR CB 25A (System power for right windows)

Power Window System Controls
The power window system will operate anytime the Retained Accessory Power (RAP) system is active or when the ignition switch is in the ACCY or ON position.
The DDM contains four power window switches which are integral components. Closing any of the normally open, rocker type switches provides the DDM with a request for power window operation. The switches for the two front windows have three positions UP, Down and Express Down, while the switches for the rear windows have only two positions, UP and Down. Each of these switches and their positions is a direct input into the DDM. Upon receiving a request for power window operation, the DDM, transmits a Class 2 message indicating the switch and it's changed position.
The PDM contains a single power window switch that is an integral component. Closing of this normally open, rocker switch provides the PDM with a request for the front passenger power window operation. The switch for the front passenger window has two positions Up and Down. Each of these switch positions is a direct input to the PDM.
The two rear passenger doors have there own switches. Each of the switches contain a power window up and down relay. A switch activation alone can control the up and down functions of the rear windows. However the BCM, upon receiving a Class 2 message from the DDM, can control the set of relays which will activate the rear window motors.

The door locks operate the same way .

Door Lock System Components
The power door lock system consists of the following components:
• The driver door module (DDM)
• The passenger door module (PDM)
• The body control module (BCM)
• The driver information center (DIC)
• The rear door lock switch
• The door lock relay
• The door unlock relay
• The liftgate lock relay--utility vehicles with liftgate only
• The reversible door lock actuators in each of the doors and liftgate
• LOCKS 20A fuse (rear lock/unlock relay supply voltage)
• ECC 10A fuse (liftgate lock relay supply voltage)

What's not working ? Windows , power locks ?
Hooking up a professional type scan tool ,not a code reader . Code reader can not read codes in the BCM or door modules . Do you know what a DTC is ? diagnostic trouble code >All these can set for door electronic problems .
DTC B1023
DTC B1544, B1600, or B1605
DTC B1580, B1590, B1610, or B1620
DTC B1640 or B1645
DTC B1722
DTC B3808
DTC B3809
DTC B3819
DTC B3820
DTC B3821
DTC B3822
DTC B3823
DTC B3824

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