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The wipers are not fused, they use a built in breaker.

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they twist and pull out from the back

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Removing front bumper is easy. Look under the bumper. There are bolts holding it to the frame. Unscrew these and bumper will come of lose. Screw new bumper same way you unscrew the old one. Remember don't titen screws right away. You have to adjust new bamper so visibly floats with fenders and front grill. Than titen up bolts.

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Check bulbs first / fuse / backup switch/neutral safety switch.

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It's very common for injectors to get clogged. Sometimes a good injection cleaner you put in your fuel tank works and sometimes a professional cleaning works but then again sometimes they don't work at all. Replacement injectors always work, if the fuel pressure was to high all the injectors would flood but check anyway. I hope this helps, Take care

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If your vehicle seems to be running fine but picks up speed slowly, check to see if you have a check engine light. Having that light can point you in the direction of the problem. Also check to see if you have a bad catalytic converter which can clog your exhaust causing back pressure to the engine and cause your vehicle to pick up speed slowly or feel like it has no power. I hope this helps. Have a great day.

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On a small block Chevy, the dipstick is a press in fit. I put silicone where the tube meets the block (bottom of the flare) and let it sit over night. This has worked for me. Good luck!

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I could suggest you count them, but if you have the right parts they should fit together just fine. We can thank Eli Whitney and Henry Ford for creating standardized parts.

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The code doesn't tell you what to replace just that the computer thinks there is a problem on that system. Did you check sensor wiring circuits? Black wire should be ground--gray wire--ref voltage about 5 volts. The lite green wire signal to computer. The map sensor also needs vacuum.
Use a digital multimeter on signal wire, engine idling. What is the reading? Just for comparison, at idle the tps and map signals should be close to the same reading, won't be exact. If several volt difference that isn't right. In my opinion.

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No spark to the spark plugs or no fuel pressure . If the the starter spins the engine over fast enough it's not the battery . Doesn't sound like you know a whole lot about car's . Do yourself a favor an take it to a qualified repair shop . Before you buy alot of unneeded parts .

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It is located in lower block of engine.

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The way to a fix is to view wiring diagrams an use a DVOM - digital volt ohm meter an test the electrical circuit's . If you don't know how to test automotive electrical systems like this , not just replacing part's , your best bet , take it to a qualified repair shop .
Or learn how too do it correctly .
Electric Testing Techniques You Need to Know

Free wiring diagrams here Enter vehicle info. year , make , model an engine size . Under system click on lighting , then under system click on exterior lighting .
Click the search button ,then the blue link's .

when I press the brake pedal my parking lights come on ????? To me this sounds like a ground issue , voltage back feeding through the circuit looking for a ground . view the turn signal wiring an test at the back of the vehicle ,turn signal wiring using voltage drop . Watch this video on voltage drop testing .
Mastering Voltage Drop Testing with Pete Meier and Jerry Truglia

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I tried the DIY service and repair manuals from a website and it actually helped me repair transmission problem in my ford explorer. it wont move forward or
reverse, engine is good both solenoids for forward and reverse work.
I don't have much technical knowledge but I just followed it step-wise, and works perfect! got it from

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Inside the oil pan

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What engine do you have in your truck??

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Honestly I would take a look at your belt Tensioner its a ware part .
Unless you have seen some kind of damage on the harmonic balancer groves I just don't see how this could happen the belt wares not the pulley also look for alignment all pulleys need to line up

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I think you could use this manual method instead.. My nephew who is a full time mechanic uses it
most of the times,
and all mechanics look up to manuals. It's very easy he gets it from.

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