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Ford Focus Cars... | Answered 21 hours ago

Could be a short but could also be a bad ground at one of the lights!

2000 Ford Focus | Answered Yesterday

You might have a power trunk button try to look for it also you should download your owners manual at ford owners.Com it should give you the location and your fuse box diagrams and other information now the seat you will have to unbolt it the side panels pop out and are held in with clips the bottom of the seat may pop out by pushing inwards but this also could be bolted in look around the bottom also when you pop out the side panels you might gain accessories to the rear deck bolts that the third brake light is attached to and radio speakers if applicable anyway you should be able to axcess the trunk by this path it's going to be a pain in the gozompus but you can get in I don't own a focus but from memory of getting stuff in junk yards I'm trying to help you so excuse me if I'm wrong here or there so pull out the door seals that go around the door opening there might be panel bolts in the frame and seat bolts behind once you get to them you should be able to get to the levers also I know that the lock was possibly frozen when you put in the key knocking in the weather shield and jamming the lock cylinder you can try putting the key in and keep trying to turn it while banging the trunk where the cylinder is and you might jar it loose that metal flap has a spring on it and those 2 things are stopping the key from turning the other alternative is to try using a very small screwdriver to try to move it out of the way so the key will turn you have to be gentle here digging in like crazy will not help and last of all if you can't get in then use a drill and destroy the cylinder completely and a long screwdriver and a hammer will get you in you'll have to change the cylinder anyway so whack away at it if all else fails good luck stephen

2000 Ford Focus | Answered Yesterday

there is a fuse box under the dash on the driver side close to the door on the driver side up by the brake pedal at the top and there is one under the hood as while.

2000 Ford Focus | Answered Yesterday

I assume the lights were NOT on while the car was being driven??
If these lights stay on for an extended period (more than 5 minutes) of time after the engine has been shut off, this may suggest you have a faulty instrument cluster or potentially a parasitic drain on the battery caused by faulty wiring or an accessory that is drawing power from the car when it is off.
To make sure there are not oil pressure issues ... I would check your oil dip stick level .... and also read any OBDII codes to see if the check engine light triggered anything.
If the only issue is the lights going on ... which means there is an electrical issue ... you will probably have to take it to a good mechanic for troubleshooting the problem

Ford Focus Cars... | Answered 2 days ago

Looks like to me that you may have several problems. You may have s few dash bulbs burnt out. Also a possible temperature sending unit that is not working. Two fuses feed the instrument panel. Find them in your owners manual and check them to make sure they are good ( number 35 and number 61 are the fuses I see in the schematics that I am looking at ). Best way to start is to have a scanner hooked up and see what codes are present. That would be the best place to start.

Ford Focus Cars... | Answered on Feb 12, 2019

For the airbag light situation to be resolved you need the airbag code to be deciphered from a scantool that can read airbag codes,,If the alternator has low output it would turn on also the ABS light,If the car was flooded it is posible that the control module did short out its location in in the center bottom console

2008 Ford Focus | Answered on Feb 12, 2019


2011 Ford Focus | Answered on Feb 10, 2019

I know five (5) people who purchased the 2009 or 2010 Expedition. All 100% of them have complaints of the headrest hurting their neck. I know folks that won't even drive their new 2010 Expedition because it hurts their necks, and the dealer won't take it back! If enough people tell ford about the problem, erhaps Ford will post a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) to tell dealers how to fix the problem. It is possible to build safe headrests that do not hurt necks during normal driving: just look at the competition. The headrest is not the right equipment to sacrifice comfort. Neck pain causes distraction and is a safety issue. Ford should be as concerned about liability from wrecks caused by headrest pian distractions as they are about the rear impact safety. Complain to Ford!

2009 Ford Focus | Answered on Feb 10, 2019

SERIAL NO.284397330931
SAM MODEL NO.14790931

2004 Ford Focus | Answered on Feb 08, 2019

very easy just go to reliable-store it has all manuals
there many other websites also but in this matter this website is too good

Ford Focus Cars... | Answered on Feb 06, 2019

Bit late but thought I'd add my two cents, I've got a 2007 f/focus auto, my shifter became extremely hard to shift the other day, I continued driving to work and left it for day hoping it would come right. Anyway, finished work and shifter was still stiff, on my way back home had my hand resting on lever and i felt the plastic on the stick wasn't up properly and was sitting in the hole for the stick, needless to say problem fixed, hope others benefit from this post as I myself was about to dismantle the transmission!!

Ford Focus Cars... | Answered on Feb 06, 2019

Take the numbers from the sticker, the VIN code and proof of ownership to a dealer to get the code. They won't do this over the phone. I hope this helps, Take care

2003 Ford Focus | Answered on Feb 03, 2019

This is likely one of two things: worn rings on the piston, or a slightly poorly-fitting or dirty valve (one or more of the four).

You might, before digging into this, consider running a can or two of a good 'over-the-counter' engine 'restorer' at your next oil change. This may help dissolve any gum or carbon making rings or valves stick. Some fuel treatments may help if there is physical gum or carbon holding a valve slightly off its seat when closed. There are more involved treatments for cleaning valves and upper cylinder 'in situ' -- some of which are somewhat snake-oily.

Note that if rings are causing the problem, you will get 'fluttery' pressurization at the engine-oil fill hole with the engine running, as the 'lost compression' will be blowing into the crankcase volume. You might check by putting a small quantity of non-detergent oil (or diesel fuel) into #4 through the spark-plug hole and bar the engine over a few times to ensure no hydraulic lock. This should improve seal long enough for a compression test. (It will smoke while the oil burns off, but this should not hurt the cat).

On road testing, light haze at start that soon clears up indicates worn valve guides, which might be related to low compression if the bypassed oil has carbonized to hold the affected valve off its seat. Rings might produce haze after high-speed running or heavy acceleration, or produce heavier oil blow into the PCV system (as the oil area is now being pressurized with relatively hot combustion gas).

If it is not rings, and an OTC treatment doesn't solve the problem well, you can take the valve cover off and inspect the valvetrain, stems, and cams to be sure all the valves are working freely, there is no binding holding any one of them slightly off its seat, etc. I suspect that if there is anything going on with valves that a cleaning treatment doesn't fix, you're looking at pulling the head, in which case you should plan for a full valve job (as its costs would be relatively slight in comparison with re-timing, replacing the head gasket, etc.)

Ford Focus Cars... | Answered on Feb 01, 2019

It may be in limp mode, please research this, you can remove this mode yourself just do a google search but when a car goes into limp mode it is to protect the car from further damage it is intended for you to drive to a safe place and get the car serviced. have it put one the machine to get problem codes. good luck to you and have a great day. for more detailed help please consult an expert using the link

Ford Focus Cars... | Answered on Jan 31, 2019

i need code M001983

Ford Focus Cars... | Answered on Jan 22, 2019

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