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Change the plug and make sure the fuel line is not restricted. A restricted exhaust would also cause this problem. Will it rev higher if you spray starter into the throttle body when revving it up?

ATVs | Answered on May 10, 2019 | 117 views

if it is hot where you are id say no. synthetic might be ok but its gonna burn it off fast.

ATVs | Answered on May 07, 2019 | 76 views

Check your choke setting.

Have you had any maintenance done on it lately?

ATVs | Answered on May 04, 2019 | 51 views

johnny bonacci May 03, 2019
I would try backing out the air/fuel mixture screw about a 1/2 a turn. Sounds like you have a rich mixture, those back fires you hear are unburned fuel.

ATVs | Answered on May 03, 2019 | 82 views

needs tune up --carb problem --cleaning rebuild or replacement

ATVs | Answered on Apr 30, 2019 | 62 views

I would think it has something to do with fuel delivery. When your putting the gas to it something has to replace it..normally air goes in its place...If your gas cap isn't letting enough air back in the tank, your engine will become starved for fuel . Try loosening the cap & try going fast. You may just need a new gas cap.

ATVs | Answered on Apr 30, 2019 | 57 views

It's likely to be either spark or fuel.
Remove the spark plug and inspect it. There are pictures of good and bad plugs on line, the plug can tell you a lot about the fuel mixture and how well the motor is running.
Check that there is a spark jumping the plug gap when you turn the engine over (the plug body metal must be touching the engine metal to complete the spark circuit).
It's worth trying a new plug in case the old one has failed, even if the spark looks ok, sometimes a plug only fails when under pressure.
If there is no spark, check the ignition wiring (particularly connectors), kill switch, key switch, coil etc. You might have to get an expert to test these things for you.
If there is a good spark and a new plug makes no difference then it could be fuel. Easiest way to check is to get a can of Easy Start or similar and spray it into the air intake as you try to start, if it starts then look for a fuel problem.
Make sure there's enough fuel in the tank, the tap is on (try on reserve too), the hoses are not kinked or blocked.
If it's a blockage in the carburetor it's probably best get a mechanic to check/clean it.
Good luck.

ATVs | Answered on Apr 29, 2019 | 81 views

Kijk even in de cabarateur of de sproeier niet verstopt zit, en kijk of de vlotter het nog doet. Doet die het nog niet, leg de cabarateur in een bak met diesel voor een paar uur, en maak hem met b.v een tanden borstel schoon. Wat je nog zou kunnen doen is de sproeier er uit draaien en dan blaas je in de opening waar de sproeier zat, kan ook verstopt zitten. Veel succes

ATVs | Answered on Apr 27, 2019 | 72 views

Are you sure the water pump has failed? Read this: sporadic heat spikes, no visual movement of water in radiator, no fan running, overheating light on and off

These are just a few, but they all boil down to no water movement, like a thermostat or water pump failure. Of course there is also the possibility of a bad thermostat switch (bottom of radiator), bad thermostat even a bad overheating switch (back of rear cylinder near water inlet.)

You can check the fan switch (bottom of radiator) by noting that it just give the fan a ground when it switches. So disconnect the line from the fan to the thermostat switch and ground it (the fan line), the fan should turn on. Thermostat can be placed in a pan with water and heated to ensure it opens. The other switches are checked by ohm meter since they close when it's overheated.

We replaced most of these parts also. Further investigation shows that we were not getting water flow. The thermostat has a hole in it for relieving the system of air. The air can cause the pump not to work and no water flow. So we found that the thermostat was put in upside down so the hole with the partial rivet was at the bottom. Drill a hole in the top of the thermostat, 1/8 inch, ensure you don't drill where the thermostat closes and seals or where it will be covered by the gasket or sealant.

Put the stuff back together, fill radiator, while filling remove the dark bolt on the intake manifold near the center and purge the air out of the system while filling the radiator.

Check for leaks after starting and as you drive it to warm it up feel the radiator for a slow warming, not fast high heat changes, this is a problem. Hopefully when it gets hot the fan will run on and off properly. This should a proper fix.

Hope this helps.

ATVs | Answered on Apr 26, 2019 | 133 views

It sounds like a vacuum leak. The intake manifold on Polaris ATV's are prone to cracking do mainly from worn rubber bushings on the carb, support mount. They are vibration dampers that wear out leaving only the intake manifold support, thus cracking it.
Further, the rubber boot connecting the air cleaner box to the carb deteriorate and deposit's that material to the inside of your carb., giving you additional problems. Be sure to replace both items and have your carb sonic cleaned at your local small engine repair shop.

ATVs | Answered on Apr 25, 2019 | 73 views

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